~An Hour With You~

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The moon an off-white orb,
High in a blueberry shaded sky.
Casting a magical glow,
For evening has now drawn nigh.
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The air is warm and soothing,
Bright stars twinkle and shine.
Silhouettes upon the water,
Of the fragrant trees of pine.
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Beneath a sky of blue,
Along with the wind we float.
Sailing sapphire waters,
Together in our little sailboat.
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We sit upon the bow,
With the sails standing tall.
And along with the gentle breeze,
Quietly and slowly we crawl.
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Over by the water's edge,
There lazily bathes a crane.
Overhead a darkened cloud,
Gives the illusion that it may rain.
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Wafting into the night,
Breathing in the freshness of the air.
Left far behind our worries,
As we glide without a care.
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Moonlight dreams within our heads,
As the wind so gently blows.
We could drift forevermore,
Following the river wherever it goes.
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Off the shore in the distance,
Through windows lights do peep.
They go out one by one,
As people lay their heads to sleep.
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The water laps against the shore,
As we go along our way.
The rippling gentle waves,
A serene song they do play.
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A piece of Heaven here on earth,
No closer could we be.
Carried away with the wind,
Together just you and me.
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Such peace and tranquility,
No words could describe.
Sapphire calm waters,
That we sail upon and glide.
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A place of serenity for the soul,
The moon our way it lights.
As we sail into moonlight dreams,
Blueberry Nights
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©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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June, 2001 copyrighted ©

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Music: "Immortality"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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