~ An Hour With You~

Angel Wishes

I know Iím not someone extra special
For in Godís eyes we're all the same
But Iíve always had these angel wishes
God would let me be there for my friends

I realize Angels are so very special
They have very important jobs to do
I know Iíll never be one of them
But I hope I can help watch out for you

It seems it would be so much easier
To pop in on you now and then
If I had the flight of one of Godís angels
Then I could comfort you now and then

The world is such a strange, strange place
Some times so much sadness and pain
If God would bless me with my angel wishes
My friend, you would never be lonely again

I realize my angel wishes can not come true
For Angels are chosen before their born
So when you need some love and comfort
Or someone to always be there for you

Watch a beautiful butterfly or bird fly by
For the butterfly carries a butterfly kiss
The bird carries love sprinkled on its wings
That will fall on you as they both fly by

I will always pray for my angel wishes
For you never know what God has on His mind
Now I know it was His Divine plan all along
I would love you my friend this special way

Look up in the sky sometimes my sweet friend
For someday God may change His mind
When someday you may need some comfort
He may give me Angel Wishes and let me fly

©Donna Kramer
March 25, 2007





Music: You Raise Me Up

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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