~ An Hour With You~


Deep in sadness,
My heart cried,
I look for solace,
Peace is denied.

I pray for comfort,
Aching to ease,
Troubles surround,
I fall to my knees.

I cry out to my Lord,
When will it all end,
Will burdens be lifted,
Will comforts ascend?

Desperation o'er takes me,
In poignancy I fall.
I release it to You Lord,
The Supreme Master of all.

A light shines brightly around me,
Giving sight to my eyes,
I see an elegant angel,
Descend from the skies.

New life is held gently,
In soft heavenly hands,
Released to fly away,
At the Angel's command.

Golden wings brush against me,
Stroking my tear stained face,
Giving blessed assurance,
Of the Savior's divine grace.

A miracle happened,
I feel it deep within my soul,
My sorrow has vanished,
The Lord Jesus is in control.

The beautiful butterfly,
In new freedom flew,
Taking all of my burdens,
Now released to You.

My heart is Yours dear Lord,
Only through Your loving grace,
Will I greet tomorrow,
With a smile upon my face.

Gayle Davisİ
25 March 2007












Music : "Morning Mood"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission

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