~ An Hour With You~




My eyes took in the beauty
I walked along at peace
relishing each moment
the air was fresh and clean

Savouring the magic
enwrapped with balmy breeze
chipmunks playing carefree
neath the tall oak tree

Ripples in the water
where the trout had been
along banks edge were turtles
peeking out their heads

Birds were chirping love songs
nestled on tree limb
geese off in the distance
enjoying morning swim

Leaves were brushed with colours
in every shade of green
swaying ever gently
waltzing so it seemed

Butterflies in motion
reflected by the sun
skeeters quickly scurried
took to morning run

Frogs were playing hopscotch
down by the shallow creek
ducks sat on the banking
a fawn lay fast asleep

The breeze so soft and balmy
with just a gentle sigh
clear blue like the ocean
swept across the sky

Sounds of life surround me
embraced by nature's song
lost within the beauty
reflecting, hard and long

Pansies smile at daisies
roses rise to dance
morning dew still glistens
tickles my heart, like romance

My mind is free of troubles
and spirit is at ease
like spoken words from lover
are whispers in the trees

Along the walls are tulips
in gowns of satin white
daffodils and lily's
with dresses ever bright

Dragonflies are nestled
with silver wings at ease
atop the morning glories
buzz busy bumblebees

Smells and sounds embracing
within the heart of me
caught up in the beauty
of nature's symphony

2007 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)



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Music: "September Morn"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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