~ An Hour With You~

When I was just a little girl
My Mommy gave a gift to me
A little Teddy Bear all my own
To love and comfort me

To show how much she loved me
Saying I’d never ever be alone
Through the bear, she’d show her love
Always be there to keep me warm

Now my Mommy has gone away
She has left me here on earth, alone
For God has taken my Mommy home
But I know in my heart, I will not be alone

For the love she put in my Teddy Bear
Will always keep me safe and warm
She promised if I held him tight
He’d love me though each day and night

Now every time I hold my little bear
I feel my Mommy’s unconditional love
The gentleness and sweetest scents
From my Mommy in her heavenly home

When I’m with my Teddy Bear
Held gently and safely in my arms
I feel my Mommy’s gentle love
Knowing I’ll never ever be left alone

©Donna Kramer
Oct 06, 2006




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Music: One Friend

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted

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