~ An Hour With You~


Once more I climb aboard memory's train,
And I'm whisked back to days of yore,
Beyond the sorrow and the pain,
Where I quickly find an open door!

Again I step into the past,
Though only for awhile I know.
For memories are not made to last,
Not even the ones we cherish so!

Sweet memories linger in my mind.
But like a vapor they soon disappear.
Yet each time they visit me I find,
A hidden treasure from yesteryear!

Sometimes I think of days gone by,
When life was whimsical and carefree!
Suddenly, I become the young lad that was 1,
And wonder just how this can be.

However without a worry on my mind,
I walk barefoot down a country road,
And chuckle with childish glee to find,
In my pocket a friendly toad!

Later, resting upon my shoulder,
Iíll carry a homemade fishin' pole,
And then alone or with someone older,
I'll head for my favorite fishin' hole!

I love walking barefoot to the creek to wade,
With the grass like velvet beneath my feet!
And much later I finding a pleasant shade,
A welcome refuge from the heat!

Ah, the world was all mine back then,
No mountain was too tall!
But I must board memory's train again,
For I hear the present call!

Robert F. Dotson © 2006

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The main image is courtesy of Stock XCHNG

Music: "Reflections"

The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shelly©
Used With Permission

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