~ An Hour With You~

Into my memory steals thoughts sweet
Of my love and me traveling
A country road enjoying the sunshine
And verdant fields of swaying corn
Much like on the farm where we were born.

We smile and tell our sons riding in back
Of how blessed we were as a child
Living on the farm simple and yet
Imprinting on our hearts and mind
That it was the sweetest life one could find
The family pulling together through storms that came along
And happy times that brought a happy song.

We shared family stories of back then
Living a life simple and free
With hearts binding one another...
Momma and Daddy, sister and brother...
With love and happiness
Spending time with each other.

We recalled learning to swim
In the baptizing hole
Where the water was icy cold
And picking cow cumber leaves to fold into a cup
For water from the free flowing stream
To quench our thirst as we drank
And then lie sunbathing on the mossy bank.

Family gatherings on the fourth of July
Swimming in the cool water of Brushy Lake
And making lemonade, sweet
In a washtub with the lemon slices
Floating in the delicious treat
Chilled with a block of ice.
Memory seemed to fly
Of this memory awfully nice.

Seeing cotton fields on a drive in the fall
We were happy to recall
Picking cotton in a canvas sack
Dragging behind as we hunched over the row
Picking the fluffy white as fast as we could go
Stopping now and then to rest our aching back
And pack the cotton in the sack
Until it was full and to the scales went to weigh in
Hoping to get a bale picked for Daddy to take to the gin
And maybe bring back a candy treat
For each child to eat.

We passed a wooden frame house
With chickens in the yard
And remember the flock Momma had
Clucking and scratching here and there.
She hoped lots of eggs to collect and sell
As times were pretty hard.
She found eggs to spare
For extra money by selling them in town
Or to folks living close around.

Now my love has gone
And our sons are grown
With families of their own
Leaving me alone
With memory to bring a smile
Of happy times we shared back then
And love that cannot be denied
Filling my heart until with joy I cried
Remembering love that goes on forever more
As we reunite on heaven's shore.

ŠJane Ward Smith
February 15, 2007

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Music: "Going Home"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dreams
Used With Permission


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