~ An Hour With You~

Tonight as I lay on my pillow,
I might think of the day now past.
Lord, as I'm getting older,
Time goes by so fast.

The hours go by like minutes.
The months like weeks unfold.
My youth just seems like yesterday.
My life is a tale that's told.

Lord I'll never be a rich man,
In the way this old world measures.
But, I'm glad to that in Heaven,
I've laid up my treasures!

I'll never be a great man,
In the eyes of today's church world.
But, I've got my eyes set on Heaven,
And those beautiful gates of pearl.

I don't aspire to be a leader.
Just a follower of You let me be.
'Til You're blessed face I see.
Let me be a blessing to others.

Help me to understand,
That we all have our burdens to bear.
I must give them a helping hand.
I've sure had my share of blessings.

You gave me a Godly wife.
She's stood by me,
Through thick and thin,"
As we've weathered the storms of life.

We are blessed,
With a couple of children.
Both of them are boys.
Our oldest has a daughter.

She's her grandparents pride and joy!
Our youngest has heard,
God's call on his life.
Oh, I pray it is there still.

Help him to put God first in his life,
And bend to Your perfect will.
My life has been blest with loved ones,
And Lord, I've shed many a tear,
When the hand of death has taken them,
And I've been left down here.

It seems like when they leave,
A part of me goes along with them.
Their crossing,
Makes Heaven clearer to me,
And this wicked old world grow dim.

Tonight as I lie on my pillow,
And as into deep sleep I go,
I know You'll keep me safe.
I'm in Your hands I know.

If You should decide to take me,
When my heartbeat becomes real slow,
What a wonderful way to reach my Home.
Dear Lord, I'm longing to go.

I know it's not how we leave here.
It's where we go when we leave.
I may have pain and suffering,
Before my crown I receive.

So, whether I die in my sleep,
Or struggle through great pain,
I've got one goal and one destination,
That one fact still remains!

If You come for me at midnight,
Or at the break of day,
My lamp must be trimmed and burning,
So, I will be caught away!

My garment can't be spotted,
Wrinkled or any such thing.
I must be pure and Holy,
When I stand before my King.

Well I guess that's all
This time, Lord.
I'll close my eyes to rest.
If I face tomorrow's sunshine,
I'll strive to do my best.

I thank You once again, Lord.
You paid the sin debt I owed.
My awful sins were so scarlet.
Yet you washed them white as snow!

Robert F. Dotson 1992

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Music: "Champion Of Love"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission

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