~ An Hour With You~  

Lord, I can't understand all this peace.
My heart knows such wonder and delight,
even in the midst of such a great loss.
You take my pain as my spirit takes flight.

I awaken in the middle of the night,
and hear you lovingly sing over me.
You, my Lord in whom I should exalt,
yet to me you sing a sweet melody.

I hear the words drifting in my mind,
"Who told you to cry? It wasn't me."
"Who told you to be sad? It wasn't me."
For you help me to live life abundantly.

I feel you ministering to my heart,
even in my sleep, joy bubbles inside.
When we are surrendered to your will,
you rejoice over us with great pride.

I see the face of one I hold so dear
looking down on me from Heaven above,
there in your presence, praying for me
she is rejoicing over me with such love.

Here is a lesson I'd like my daughter to know,
she says to you, and I know it will come to be.
I will hold on to your hand wherever you lead,
I'm not afraid anymore for you have set me free.

I have been set free to walk in your joy.
Let your light shine as you fill me anew.
All my life, your joy will be my strength.
I know who told me to be sad and it wasn't you!

©TinasHeart 01/27/07





The picture of Jesus is from the beautiful art of Greg Olsen.

Music: "You Alone"

Words And Music By: Joshua Stewart
Used with permission

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