~ An Hour With You~

I'll Journey On

Though my way be dark and drear,
And I've no permanent dwelling place here,
With my hand in Christ's I shall not fear!
I'll just journey on!

If I am shunned by my kin,
And cast aside by my fellow men,
All I can do then,
Is journey on!

Trouble and trials all come my way,
And I will struggle to see the light of day,
But there's nothing I can do or say!
So, I'll just journey on!

Sometimes in the midst of a trial,
I may lose my winsome smile!
Ah, but it will be all right after awhile!
If I'll journey on!

Often times life is so unfair,
And the load seems hard too bear!
But, my burdens Jesus will share,
If I'll journey on!

When old age is catchin' up with me,
And I find it hard to hear or see,
Jesus will my Leader be,
And we'll journey on!

Then, when it comes my time to die,
I shall have no reason to cry!
I'll just set my sights on high,
And journey on!

Robert F. Dotson 2006

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Photo for top is from: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/

Music: "Farther Along"
Midis-Mickey Gentle
Laura's Midi Heaven

Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission


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