~ An Hour With You~

Godís peaceful park is of His garden,
His garden of love where we talk,
It can be any place in His midst,
The great Caretaker of my walk.

In quietness I worship the Lord,
And His garden of love surrounds,
His beauty clothes me with a sweetness,
As God's peaceful park then abounds.

Free from ordinary things to do,
Out in Godís beauty of nature,
Receiving His words in all richness,
Bring Divine truths into picture.

Godís peaceful park is to walk and talk,
With my Creator who expects,
Who desires presence with Him for love,
For fellowship in all respects.

Being close to Him Iím in His love,
As His preciousness consumes me,
I listen devouring each word for,
He loves familiarity.

Heís Divine, Holy, yet personal,
He gently reveals as I heed,
With an awe knowing Iíd never live,
Without Him, Heís my Lord I need.

Godís peaceful park is some where out there,
Just to be in the midst of Him,
To walk and talk all about His love,
To be thankful He forgives sin.

And in peaceful quietness with Him,
Knowing just how much He loves me,
How His mercy and grace so blesses,
I worship with intimacy.

I will never allow anything,
To come between me and my Lord,
Heís there expecting me any time,
And freely gives His love adored.

©Sondra McPherson
19 October 2006

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Music : "In The Garden"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission


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