~ An Hour With You~

Jake would rise each mornin' ,
Before the sun began to shine,
Take his pick and shovel,
And head for the mine!

Though he dug and loaded coal,
For sixteen hours a day,
"Script," for the company store,
Was his paltry pay!

The best years of his life, This young man gave!
It was plain to see,
He was the mine owner's slave!

Life in the coal camp was anything but Heaven,
For this young miner and father of seven!
Jake and his young family lived in a "shotgun shack,"
That you could see straight through,
From front to back!

Yes Friend, life in "'coal country" was really bad,
But being a miner was the only choice Jake had!
Like his father and grandfather before,
Jake eked out a livin' that was meager and poor.

In the coal camp entertainment was almost nil.
However, Jake was known to frequent his moonshine still.
And on Saturday evenins',
He and Sally would prance,
To the tune of a fiddle at the local barn dance!

Jake’s life was a vicious circle without an end,
But, that was about to change, my Friend!
You see, the news had quickly spread aroun',
That a "hellfire and brimstone," preacher was in town!

Jake tried not to seem interested in front of his wife,
But, he was sure gettin' tired of their rowdy life!
You see, Jake had been raised "the right way,"
But in his teens he had gone astray.

He started workin' in the mine,
When he was only fifteen,
And he grew up fast, wild, and mean.

At the age of seventeen and still only a kid,
He got rnarried like most folks back then did!
His and Sally's marriage consisted of arguin' and fussin',
And Jake's remedy for that was drinkin' and cussin'!

One evenin' Jake came home,
And found a note on the door,
Saying, "Jake, I love you,
“But, I can't take it any morel"

"That's why we're leavin',”
“Hopefully for just a few days,"
"Until you decide to change your ways!"
"You know Momma's place is easily found!"
“But, if you don't plan on changin',”
“Don't come around!"

Jake said, "I’ll show her!" "I’ll go down,"
"To that little saloon at the edge of town!"
As he was dressin' up in his best attire,
He said, "I’ll get some liquor to "quench this fire!"

On the way to the saloon,
He heard Church bells ringin',
And the Summer night air,
Was filed with the singin!

"Are You Washed In The Blood,"
Was the song he heard,
And immediately his soul was stirred!

Then, Jake felt a familiar longin',
Down deep inside!
'Twas a feelin',
He thought long ago had died.

Old satan said,
"What are we stoppin' here for?"
But, he was too late,
'Cause Jake was through the door!

Jake didn't even slow down,
As toward the altar he ran!
And when he got through prayin,'
He was a changed man!

Then, when he finally opened his eyes,
Jake was in for a big surprise!
For there prayin' by his side,
Were his seven younguns,
And his sweet little bride!

Yes, their marriage was mended,
And folks say They acted like love birds,
As they walked away!

The last I heard tell of 'em,
He was still workin' in the mine,
From before the crack of dawn,
'Til the sun didn't shine!

But, old Jake not only digs and shovels coal,
He tells everybody he sees,
How Jesus can save your soul!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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