~ An Hour With You~


Sittin' in the parking lot,
Thinking of a poem to write,
My mind was a blank,
As my eyes took in the site.

I sat and watched the people,
Going to and fro.
They seemed in such a hurry as if,
They knew where they wanted to go.

Little people, big people,
Tall, short, and children too,
All heading for the double doors ,
In hot pursuit!

There goes my friend Gayle,
Joining right in!
She grabbed a Buggy,
And jumped on that thing for a spin!

What a sight,
That was to see,
That cutie pie,
Taking a spin on that buggy!

The look on her face,
Was a sight to behold,
A grin from ear to ear,
That gal is sooooo bold!

She puts on quite a show,
Saying it's for her grandkids sake,
But secretly she loves,
Those rides she takes!

Back home once again,
I'm thinking of all that I'd seen,
I do believe my friend took the cake,
And won first place as.

"The Buggy Ridin' Queen!"

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dedicated with love, to Gayle, who
fills my life with laughter and sunshine!

Scripture from Proverbs 15:15

He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.








Music: "Sixty-Six Miles Per Hour"

Original MIDI Files
Composed and Arranged
By: Ed Hargardine
Ed HargardineŠ
Used With Permission

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