~ An Hour With You~

There is a place,
Where weary pilgrims meet!
By God's grace,
'Tis at Jesus' feet!

This is the place,
We can go,
When our pace,
Is getting slow.

When cares of life,
Have got us down,
And toil and strife,
Cause us to frown.

Before our eyes stray,
From the eternal goal.
We must say,
"Take courage, my soul!"

"God does not slumber,"
"Nor does He sleep!"
"His blood washed number,"
"He shall keep!"

Though satan's snares,
May be well laid.
Many prayers,
Have been prayed!

And God is near,
With His arms open wide!
Have no fear,
There's safety inside!

Our hearts shall swell
For the fellowship is sweet,
Yes, all is well,
At Jesus' feet!

Robert F. Dotson © 2006



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Background Set ©MagnoliaD 2006-Artwork ©Greg Olsen

Music: "Welcome Into This Place"

Earnest And Roline Ministeries
Performed By: Ezra Bufford
Used With Permission