~An Hour With You~

When my mind goes back to my yesterdays,
And the things now left far behind,
I can see a lot of changes have taken place,
That has happened over a time.

I have so much to be thankful for today,
Although I see many heavy storms,
But God still walks beside me everyday,
Even though my heart still moans.

He has blessed me with so many friends,
That He has sent my way,
And I will call them my angels here
While on this earth I stay.

He has blessed me with beautiful friends,
I would not trade for silver or gold,
For on them thereís more value
Then the finest jewels that are sold.

Each friend is different then one another,
With their own unique special style,
But they all carry the same thing in heart,
A love that canít be covered in miles.

Thatís why I am so thankful each day in life,
For the beautiful friends thatís mine,
And I will cherish them all forever.
Because they are caring and so very kind.

Ann Hart©
August 24, 2006



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Music: "Heart To Heart"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
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