~ An Hour With You~

Who I Am

Born half breed,
And lost in two different worlds.
In one world to much Native American Indian,
And in another, not enough.
I am of both Ojibwe and English descendent.

For acknowledgement and recognition,
My heart aches and cries out.
If asked to choose one world, I could not,
For my heart only knows and desires, both.

Why must I be ridiculed and looked down upon,
For being conceived out of love?
Like the beating of the drums,
So does my heart, beat.

And my blood flows as sure as the river.
I have the same dreams,
And I have the same hopes, as any other.
Wounded and filled with hurt is my spirit.

For I have felt the anguished sting,
Of criticism and rejection.
My soul and heart only long for,
Respect and acceptance.

There is only one, who can pass judgement,
The Creator, of the Heavens and Mother Earth.
He accepts me, for who I am,
And He knows my heart is true.

He sees past the shade of my skin,
And the inherited blood,
That freely flows within my veins.
It is He, whom I live for.

With honour, pride and dignity,
I shall stand tall and proud,
For I am not ashamed,
Who I Am.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
©June ~ 13 ~ 2006

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