~ An Hour With You~

Sweet summers wind,
Playfully dancing around me.
Traveling to places that I have never been.
Seeing things that I will never see.

At times you can be lively,
Spirited and carefree.
Swaying and waltzing with the trees.
Teasing and tickling the leaves,
Until they laugh out loud.

Sometimes you are in a hurry,
Rushing past me.
As if afraid that I might capture you,
And you,
Never more to be released and free.

Sometimes you're filled with anger.
Tossing and turning with fury.
Wild and rampant,
And not willing to be tamed.

Other times you're faint and calming,
And ever so softly lingering.
Lightly caressing my cheek,
And so tenderly you brush through my hair.

You play music so tranquil,
As you kiss,
And stir stilled waters.
Other times,
I don't even know,
If you are there at all.

Silent and still.
On these lifeless days,
Sweet summers wind,
Where do you go?

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
July - 4- 2006©

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Artwork: Windswept
by John Waterhouse

Music: "Hero"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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