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When The Words Aren't Nearly Enough



The case of mistaken identity in a fatal accident involving
staff and students from Taylor University
in Indiana set off a chain of events for two families in a way
that they never possibly could have imagined.
Only God can make a difference in a tragedy of this magnitude,
because for us as human beings it just crushes our hearts .
Friends and acquaintances will never forget the
events that have unfolded since the accident. This poem was
written for close friends of the author; their son was dating the
young lady that survived but was in a coma for weeks. Along
with the parents, the friend's son kept vigil by the young lady's
bedside for 5 weeks only to learn it was not their daughter and
friend but another student that had been mistakenly identified as
their daughter. Thus the poem "When The Words Arenít Nearly Enough".
When tragic situations occur, sometimes all we can do is
pray for our friends and neighbors and cry along with them
until the pain subsides. In God's time hearts and lives will heal.
Pray for these families as they seek God's face in it all.


When The Words Aren't Nearly Enough

When calamity strikes and the sky turns black
And my heart is broken and torn
I cry, O My God, Iím under attack
And my spirit is weary and worn

Iíve been shocked to the core of my very soul
Iíve experienced the highs and the lows
My grief and despair have taken their toll
The likes of which, God only knows

I know I donít like it, I donít understand it
But trusting is all I have left
So God in this moment, please use every minute
To encourage a heart thatís bereft

Iíve been to the depths of Hell and returned
Iíve walked through the shadow of death
Through all of this journey, one thing I have learned
That God is my heartbeat and breath

Without My Dear Savior, I surely would fall
Iíd be lost in a sea of despair
But God, You are Sovereign and Lord in it all
My Helper, who always is there

So today as I wrestle with heartache and grief
At a time when my journey is rough
May I Rest In The One Who Gives Hope and Relief
When The Words Arenít Nearly Enough

© Jim Lake

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon Him;
for He cares for you.


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