~ An Hour With You~

There are days in my life I feel hope,
From this anguish that tears at me,
But there are days I canít understand,
Why God wonít set me free.

I donít want to take the easy road here,
If itís not meant to be,
But there are things I need to understand,
That why is it, I canít se

I tried to be the best I could all my life,
To be what God wants me to be,
But the harder I try to do my best,
I canít see victory.

My heart aches for this pain I carry,
When just two weeks ago,
I had a son, I loved so dear,
But he was taken from me.

My heart grieves for him each day,
Did he suffer while being taken away,
This pain I carry is far too strong,
My heart canít cope, where did I go wrong.

I have to try to leave it to God,
For I canít carry this burden alone,
It drains my thoughts so weary,
And I feel so all alone.

Ann Hart©
August 11, 2006

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Artwork: Comforting Friend by
Arthur Wardle

Quote: "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal. "
~From a headstone in Ireland

Music: "His Love Will Wash Away The Pain"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission
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