~ An Hour With You~

What Will You Say?

I remember back when you were little,
How your smiles lit up your whole face.
Lettuce to the rabbits we would feed,
And the bushy tailed squirrels you would chase.

I set up a tent in the kitchen,
So together we could camp.
Many times through my flower beds,
Effortlessly you'd tramp
When you got hold of the screw driver,
Every screw in the house wasn't safe.

And when the cupboard door fell off,
You sat there with a look of innocence upon your face.
When we went out picking berries,
You ate more then you would pick.

And as your ice-cream cone would melt,
The faster you would lick.
And me dressing up at Halloween,
"Cool" is what you would tell me.

But the older you got the sillier I looked,
And "Don't let my friends see you" was your plea.
We spent time with Bert and Ernie,
Every day watching Sesame Street.

And through a stage of cheese grilled sandwiches,
Was the only thing I could get you to eat.
When you were three I called you "Alligator"
You informed me "Alligator isn't my name you know"
"But you can call me that if you want to"
Oh it seems like that was a lifetime ago.

Of building fires in the back yard,
With marshmallows for us to roast.
It's those littlest things in life,
That really mean the most.

So don't let those moments pass you by,
Savor every minute of each new day.
And when your child says "Come play with me"
What Will You Say?

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
This poem is dedicated to my son Dylan
With all my love.



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Music: "Maybe It Was Memphis"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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