~ An Hour With You~

This road of life I travel on,
Has finally left its toll,
I was thrown down in the valley,
And left there to grow old.

The waves of death surround me,
Taking away my son,
While lying in a hospital room,
Recovering from repairs that had been done.

I could not see any sunshine in sight,
The days were dreary and cold,
Like the tears I cried from my heart,
I just cried without control.

Someone had been praying for me,
For I felt strength, I never had,
And right there in my valley low,
Someone knew I suffered so bad.

The prayer they prayed reached heaven,
And reached the throne of Grace,
And Someone lifted me up and out,
From the valley and that place.

It could only have been, Jesus my Lord,
To take such a burden away,
And I will always be grateful to Him,
Until my dying day.

Ann HartŠ
August 5, 2006