~ An Hour With You~

This Grief I Carry

No one can hear my sobs in the night,
I take my pillow and hold it tight,
To cut out cries that rip my heart,
I try to heal but where do I start.

I will never see you down here below,
Or say the words I told you so,
Now I am empty so sad with grief,
I canít let it go and find relief.

If you could speak what would you say,
I want you to know, I love you today.
And I really miss you with all of my heart,
But I know you are happy with a new start.

I donít know why life holds such pain,
To rip your soul again and again,
My only hope is I will see you someday,
When I join you in heavenís rays.

But for now I have to let you go,
But youíll live on in my heart my soul,
Maybe someday God will help me see,
Why this heartache was meant to be.

Ann Hart©
September 21, 2006

In Memory Of My Son Darren
Who Tragically
Died July 27th 2006.
It's So Hard To Let You

The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life.

Music: "His Love Will Wash Away The Pain"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission
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