~ An Hour With You~

The way I remember you always,
Is love's sweetest memory,
You holding me close and then smiling,
The way of you stays with me.

Throughout these years I think on our love,
Sweet love I'll always proclaim,
You were such a romantic with me,
I am yours, are you the same?

All your sweet kisses and whispered love,
I thought we'd just always be,
You and me always inseparable,
Is the way of you now me?

The way I remember you always,
Is love’s truest way to be,
Sweet precious thoughts of you I still keep,
I am yours, do you love me?

Though we're together we're far apart,
I want you to see I’m here,
Remembering our love that lives on,
Is the way of you e'er near?

For all these years I've held your smile close,
And I’d love to know and see,
How we’d really be as one again,
I am yours still, remember?

©Sondra McPherson
26 June 2006



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Music: "Tuyo Soy (I Am Yours)"

English & Spanish Words, Music, and Arr. by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999 and MIDI sequence
(P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder
Used With Permission