~ An Hour With You~

Life is hard at times and our heart feels pain
As we struggle with separation and shed tears of sorrow.
God shed tears of compassion
Reaching out to assure hope for tomorrow.

Disappointment over dreams unrealized
Often bring tears to our eyes.
We wipe away the tears and carry on
When we realize God is near and we are not alone.

Rejection breaks our heart when love is spurned
And companionship denied.
We have felt the sting of rejected love and cried
For loss of love for which we have yearned.

To see a loved one suffer pain
Brings tears to our eyes
As we pray for health again.
God promises a glorified body in the bye and bye.

Death slips in and takes loved ones away
And we mourn the heartache we feel
But love leaves memories none can steal
And God wipes away the tears so real.

God's love made a way
And the Father hung His head and cried
When His Son hung on the cross and died.
Then, the last tear drop was dried.

God promises in the sweet bye and bye
No tears will fall from our eye
For all our tears will have been dried
In heaven where we will ever abide.

Jane Ward Smith©
February 23, 2005


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