~ An Hour With You~

The High Cost Of Freedom

We’ve often heard it said before
That Freedom isn’t free
For what it takes goes to the core
Of what men choose to be

My son along with other men
Stepped up with pride and joy
They’re needed now and needed when
There’s terror to destroy

They’ve got the skills to do the job
They know what they’re about
For God and home, hearts beat and throb
With courage they move out

We marvel at this choice they’ve made
They have our deep respect
They have no time to be afraid
They’ll fix what terror’s wrecked

These guys are Heroes one and all
At home they wouldn’t stay
When there’s a need or urgent call
They always find a way!

So in God’s hands we put them now
The safest place to be
And with His help, someway, somehow
They’ll gain the Victory!

Our prayers are with them in Iraq
O God, Give Them The Edge!
Until You bring them safely back
May Angels be their hedge!

© Jim Lake

This Poem is dedicated to my son Andrew
and other brave young men and women
who consider the freedom of the Iraqi people
to be more important than their personal
comfort and who view dangerous work as
a personal challenge coupled with high privilege.

These Are The Heroes Of Our Time!

Java Script Provided By: Kurt Grigg

Music: "American Patriotic Medley"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission