~ An Hour With You~

The Face Of A Clown

Children's laughter drifted through the air,
As they squealed the circus is here.
Excited and impatiently,
They waited for this day all year.

But this wasn't the way one clown felt,
For the world around him had fallen apart.
He thought to himself does any one know,
How to mend a broken heart.

As he was getting dressed he knew,
One little girl who wouldn't be going to see.
The Circus with all of its magic,
And she only a wee child of three.

He busily applied his makeup,
Like the many times before.
Painting upon his face,
A frown like he always wore.

And all around his downward smile,
He shaded it in with grey.
The same dismal color,
Of the way he felt that day.

He continued on painting,
And when he came to paint a tear.
Over whelmed with sadness,
Real ones did appear.

For the one most important thing in his life,
Had peacefully drifted away.
His precious little girl forever gone,
No more would he watch her play.

He put on his big clown shoes,
Ones that he could probably fill.
With all of his endless tears,
Which flowed against his will.

His unhappiness he could no longer hide,
Holding tightly onto his broom of straw.
The tears upon his face were real,
That the cheering crowd never saw.

All the hurt and pain he felt inside,
He wished he could just sweep it all away.
Would he ever smile again?
"Why" his almost stilled heart pleaded in dismay.

His solemn face reflected a lifeless soul,
With a frown that wasn't fake.
Bewildered and lost he thought,
How much more heartache must I take.

Under the spot light he bowed his head,
The crowd stood and clapped their hands.
While squeals of children's laughter,
Floated down from the stadium stands.

With his head lowered,
And true sadness in his eyes.
His sadly painted face,
Wasn't just a disguise.

With the tilt of his hat.
And a real frown under his clown red nose.
Standing there so all alone,
In his ragged tattered cloths.

Clowns take on many faces,
And many pictures they do portray.
Acts of silly nonsense,
For our enjoyment they put on display.

Their smile may be cleverly deceiving,
Whether it curls upward or down.
Just what really is behind.
The Face Of A Clown.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
September ~ 6 ~ 2006©

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The Art work used, with permission, in making this set is © Rusty Rust.

Music: "Send In The Clowns"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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