~An Hour With You~

My heart was once filled with love,
Now there’s an empty space,
All I have left are memories now,
And a picture of your face.

I never thought the day would come,
That you would be taken away,
But a mother’s heart senses things,
That lingers day after day.

If you are up in heaven and hear me,
I just needed to let you know,
Just how much I loved you son,
And I hate to let you go.

So many words that needed to be said,
To show you how much we cared,
And not enough hugs, to tell you,
That I love you; you needed to hear.

My heart now has a missing piece,
That will never be fixed again,
Maybe if I just had more time to give,
I would not be feeling this pain.

You are missed Darren, by everyone,
That held you deep in their heart,
By all of us your family,
And our memories will never depart.

I feel you are in heaven now Darren,
And singing sweet songs of peace,
Surrounded by the beauty of angels,
And a melody that never will cease.

Someday soon we will meet you again,
On god's beautiful terrestrial shore,
Where no one knows any heartache,
And peace will be evermore.

Ann Hart
Aug 21st 2006

For My Precious Darren.
Killed July 26, 2006. You Will Be Missed
By Family And Friends. We Love
You Darren!!


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