~An Hour With You~

I see the breath of God deliver,
Posing life's new song each day,
Like a gentle breeze nigh a whisper,
God's breath ever blows my way.

God's fragrance whispers sweetness in bloom,
To flower my heart all days,
Like a sun bath He flows hurts awry,
Perfuming His love bouquets.

The breath of God covers me in warmth,
My sanctuary of love,
The heart of His all embracing reach,
Is my miracle thereof.

With an awe tears soon begin to fall,
For with His sweeping up touch,
In an instant I feel His caring,
And His loving me this much.

Like a gentle breeze He takes all hurts,
As each wound closes I know,
I feel the breath of God as it births,
For He flowers warmth to glow.

I'll quietly seek Him with sweet rest,
God's my life to always be,
Nigh a whisper such gentle softness,
The breath of God's e'er for me.

©Sondra McPherson
09 August 2006

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Music: "Tears Will Never Stain"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission

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