~An Hour With You~
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Sunday Morning

Its Sunday morning, the time has come
For us to go to church . . . Again
We go into prayer, on bended knee
Asking forgiveness, from our sin

We realize its just a little time
That we devote . . . Each week
To visit "The Lord" in His house
His love and strength, we seek
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So well get up from our beds
Leaving the sleep, that we crave
Well go to church, and thank the One
Who has risen from . . . His grave

Its not so much, He asks from us,
Only to remember Him, in prayer
Although we visit Him, once a week
For us, He is . . . . Always there!
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Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2006


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Music: "Softly And Tenderly"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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