~ An Hour With You~

Hot and sultry is the summer air
Stifling and humid making it hard to bear.
For respite from the heat I did pray
On this sizzling summer day.

God must have heard my plea
For in the distance I heard the rumble of thunder clear
Coming closer and closer until very near
And then right over me.

Lightning split the sky in a zigzag path
And the clouds their hands did clap
With a mighty blast making the earth shake
Until the clouds began to weep
Droplets of rain to make.

The anger of the storm's fury
Intensified bringing loud crashing thunder overhead
And mighty wind bending the trees low
While sweeping the rain in sheets
Whirling here and there in a mighty flurry
To drench the thirsty earth and wilting flowers
Creating a mighty show.

Eventually the storm was spent
And southward went
Grumbling like an angry child
Leaving behind the slow drip drop of rain
On the sparkling clean leaves
Of plants beneath the eaves
And a fresh breath of air, cool and sweet
Our feverish brow to greet.

With breathless awe
The mighty power of nature I saw
Straight from the hand of God
Providing relief from the heat so intense
And bringing rain to the parched sod
Refreshing all creation while making it known
That He provides for His own.

Jane Ward Smithİ
August 21, 2006



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PhotographİTania Enders, Until Then Graphics

Music: "After The Storm"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright İ by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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