~ An Hour With You~

Little Ones,
Come gather,
For I have a story which needs to be told.
Wind Spirit,
Carries memories of days so long ago.

He has seen many things.
He has seen a time when Mother Earth,
Could not be bought nor sold.
She was free for all to live.

Brother Buffalo,
Roamed from plain to plain.
He filled the ache of hunger,
Within our Ancestors,
And he protected them from the cold,
When winter fell across the land.

No longer does he roam.
Never must you forget,
To hold great respect for Our Elders.
We must always care for Them,
For one day we too will grow old.

Listen to The Elders,
For they carry great wisdom.
There is much to learn,
Of our traditions and cultures,
Which fade with each passing day.

Do not be stripped of your heritage,
For this is who you are,
And always stand tall and proud.
Do not be afraid to dream.

When you need to find truth,
And The Great Spirit will guide you.
Everyone and everything,
Has a purpose in life.

All across the vastness of Mother Earth.
Little Ones,
Always tread lightly.
For our Ancestors remains still lie,
Upon this Sacred Ground of which we walk.

You must teach your children,
Of days of old.
So they too can pass down,
To their children,
For this is who we are.

You must always listen,
With an open heart,
And an open mind,
To the..

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Music: "The Land Of The Silver Birch"
The Great Canadian Tunebook
Sequenced By: Barry Taylor
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