~ An Hour With You~

In a place we can only dream about,
lives the unicorn in a mystical land.
With downy soft billowing clouds,
and glimmering diamond dust sand.

There the sky sparkles like crystal,
and when the moonbeams stream down.
Iridescent varicolored rainbows,
embrace you and surround.

There he roams joyously,
through glittering stardust showers.
The fable says hidden within his one lone horn,
are good luck and magical powers.

Mysterious folklore enchantment,
or could it really be.
Some where out there he still gallops
jubilant, independent and free.

Mythical creature so they say,
a horse adorning one single horn.
Charismatic, vivacious and buoyant,
Is the....
Spirit Of The Unicorn.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey
May ~23~ 2006




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Arty by Old Hippie Art

Music: "Somewhere Out There"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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