~An Hour With You~

Spirit of Tatanka

Great Spirit,
Humbled I come before You,
To ask You for your guidance.
My once lively soul is weary,
And my spirit in great subsidence.

The buffalo path of direction,
I know not which to take.
Our Elders and children grow hungry,
Empty stomachs filled with pain they ache.

I can not fail my people Great Spirit,
Or Kawanka with child my mate.
For all their lives depend on me,
Not much longer can I wait.

I have fasted for seven moons,
It is a vision I do seek.
To find the roaming buffalo,
My body now worn and weak.

Great Spirit am I not worthy?
What is it that I have done?
Have I angered you?
Why me now do you shun?

For myself I ask this not,
But soon lives I fear we'll lose.
The vision Great Spirit I plead for,
Onto me do not refuse.

Tormented and haunted am I,
Of the grim faces of hunger bestowed.
I don't know how much longer,
I can carry this burdened load.

I bear to you my heart and soul,
My voice cries in dismay.
I only ask for one buffalo,
To ease and take the hunger away.

My people like I are made of flesh and blood,
I too feel their agonizing pain.
Help me Great Spirit to help them,
Life within does slowly drain.

For the price of one tiny buffalo,
My life I would give to You.
This I solemnly vow,
With dignity and honour is true.

Great Spirit you have heard my humbled cries,
And a vision I do see.
Off in the nearby distance,
Stands not one buffalo but three.

Great Spirit thank you for granting my vision,
My people I can now feed.
My life is yours for the taking,
For You Great Spirit I would never mislead.

Across the canyon walls and ridge,
Echoes Tatanka's humbled cry.
His spirit will forever more,
Soar with the Eagle's through Father Sky.

So lonely his mate of many seasons,
With child is Kawanka.
Her spirit one day shall also soar,
With the..
Spirit Of Tatanka.

İElizabeth Ann Bushey
August ~ 30 ~ 2006İ


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