~ An Hour With You~


Special Little Ones

Little ones, sent here by God
Given to us . . . And blessed
He places them in our loving care
Knowing, we’ll do our very best

In His eyes, all are perfect
But, in some we see affliction
His . . . Is to love and protect
Ours, to love in any condition

Why do some have birth defects
Or later, develop terrible diseases
Yet, it seems the families, He selects
Are helpful, and know what pleases

There is a reason for everything
His purpose, to us is unknown
At times we hurt, feeling the sting
Then confusion and anger is shown

When this happens, stop to think
Our God . . . Is in full control
Giving strength, when at the brink
And heartache, has taken its toll

Remember, God sees where you are
Watching your patience and love
Given to these "Special" little ones
That were sent to you, from above

Keep your faith, continue to pray
For God . . . Has not finished yet
For in His time He will answer you
He won’t forsake, nor will He forget!

Dedicated to Evan & Maggie
Lady Gayle's Grandchildren

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2006

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Music: "Count your Blessings"
Courtesy Of Fred
Used With His Permission
Thank You Fred