~ An Hour With You~

So Little Time

There is so little time to be loved,
And we want to be loved for us,
Iíll tell you now God loves you this much,
He gave His Son for you, Jesus.

And I pray for all you children here,
In this world will be loved right now,
Because no one has ever seen God,
But Heís everywhere anyhow.

He loves you like no other to be,
For Godís love has always been there,
Deep within you somewhere you must feel,
Heís there loving you with much care.

There is so little time here on earth,
We must make the time worthy now,
Love one another and love the Lord,
His loveís so worthy of your bow.

Iíll tell you how thereís no greater love,
For the Lordís love has always been,
We cannot love without Him Heís Love,
He loved us first to take our sin.

I know how much you need to be loved,
And I feel the love of God close,
And the tears flood my eyes donít miss Him,
Heís your life, He loves you the most.

There is so little time to be loved,
Time passes so fast youíll forget,
To take the time to love and be loved,
By the Lord and that youíll regret.

How I pray for all you children here,
In this world may the love of God,
Become full in your heart and carry,
You for thatís His love shed abroad.

There is a right time for everything,
And although God made His love known,
In each of your hearts you must love Him,
In your time love Him as your own.

©Sondra McPherson
12 June 2006
*Inspired by Howard of Worship With You*







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