~An Hour With You~


Sleepy Head

Standing here watching you sleep,
My little sleepy head.
I see how much you have grown,
And I think of the day. that I'll come to dread.

When you'll be too big for kisses,
And for my hand to hold.
No more runny nose to wipe,
When you sneeze or have a cold.

No more bedtime stories,
Or tucking you in at night.
No more Christmas mornings,
Watching you beam with pure delight.

No more dark blue knights in shining armor,
Or monsters under your bed.
Will all the..I love you mommies,
Pass me by and go left unsaid.

No more frogs let loose,
Hopping around the living room.
And me having to chase him out,
With my trusty old straw broom.

No more rocks in your pockets,
Or bubble gum in your hair.
No kneeling by your bed,
And me listening to your good night prayer.

No more chocolate chip cookies,
In the middle of the night.
And no more climbing into my bed,
When the thunder is loud and the lightning too bright.

No more fireflies,
Aglow within glass jars.
No more tracks to build,
For your trains and racing cars.

No more scraped knees,
Or falling from your bike.
No more running through buttercup fields,
Trying hard to fly your kite.

What am I supposed to do,
Without you every day.
No one left to help me,
Keep the ferocious dragons at bay.

How will I ever let you go,
To venture into the unknown.
You leaving me all by myself,
And you being out there all alone.

I know the day will come,
When I will have to let you go.
Only memories I will have left,
Of a time so long ago.

Of monsters, frogs and dragons,
And "I love you mommy" before bed.
Until then I'll count my blessings,
Happily watching you sleep,
My little..
Sleepy Head.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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Music: "Midnight Blue"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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