~ An Hour With You~

Living in the country,
Was a wonderful life,
Easy, laid back times,
Simple treasures were rife.

A big tom cat to follow me,
Begging to be carried,
Hens hiding nests of eggs,
Across the yard they scurried.

Roosters would strut about,
Dropping a wing by their side,
Being near when this occurred,
Was a guaranteed wounding to your hide.

King of the yard or so they thought,
Strutting and crowing e'er loud,
Calling their hens to come close,
Of their dominance they were proud.

Sister and I would go about,
Seeking the newest hidden nest,
The chickens protested our find,
But we just laughed in jest.

The simple treasures way back then,
Bring smiles to me when I recall,
The things I treasured most as a kid,
Surely would make the modern child bawl.

The memory of jumping rope,
Playing a game with jacks and ball,
Telephone was a can on a wire,
We’d toss a ball against a wall.

Throwing horseshoes was such fun,
Rolling a hoop with a stick brought glee,
A swing was a burlap sack with sand,
Tied and hanging from a tree.

Oh yes the simple treasures of life,
Brought such sweet joy to me,
I would love to return again,
To the life that was so carefree.

Gayle Davis©
03 September 2006



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Music: "My Favorite Memory"

Original MIDI Sequences
Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission


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