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The stunning sunset magnifies wide,
Yawning high to those who seek more,
Closeness with the One who does create,
Love and romance near their heartsí door.

And how they know the touch of the Lord,
With Him is always true love too,
Finding each other to become one,
Calling their names to eíer be true.
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Brilliant blazing sun rays burst aglow,
Burning brightly as evening falls,
While the ebbing tide rushes in to,
The shore as love beckons and calls.

While warm magic gathers in the sky,
The new young lovers gather close,
For sweet awe spills oíer as God invites,
To be held in His grand repose.
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The ocean chants its song of romance,
To and fro as warm waters flow,
Coursing in the mysteries of life,
As a love story does bestow.

Magnificent romantic sunset,
Imbues the eyes with Godís delight,
A heaven full of flamboyance casts,
Expressions of sweet love in sight.
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A love retreat in Godís hideaway,
A fine romantic sunset moves,
Stirs and inspires young lovers to grow,
And yearn for love as God behooves.

And when the sun sets romantically,
Flowing wide to bid new hearts love,
The sun glows its sweet warmth and captures,
All in Godís flair from high above.

©Sondra McPherson
22 August 2006


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Music: "Ebb Tide"

Sequenced By: Ted Keener
Used With Permission

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