~ An Hour With You~

I look across the horizons,
Seeing the beauty created,
By the Master's loving hands,
His reflections are in everything,
We see across these magnificent lands.

Life is like the birds on the shore,
Racing quickly along leaving prints,
Revealing their life, hurried and fast,
Waves wash the coastal sands clean,
Void of the presence that just passed.

We leave prints upon the sands,
As daily we walk the course of life,
We stop not to think of the depth,
Of the prints left as we pass through,
Will others follow along where we step?

Does our path lead others to Jesus,
Or detour them along the way,
By placing their feet where we trod,
Can they walk to life eternal,
Take them to the promised home of God?

Step carefully along the pathway,
Leave a beautiful reflection as you go,
God's hand upon your shoulder let it reflect,
Defining each step taken as a blueprint,
Thus the path to eternal live others can detect.

©Gayle Davis
25 March 2006

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Lady tube from Creations of Praise

Music: "I Praise You, My Father"

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Copyright © 1998 Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission