~ An Hour With You~

My Lord here I am again,
Seems often I ask of You,
Yet through it all my Lord,
You stand close and true.

I pray for the sick in body,
The ones that hurt inside,
Comfort for the sad and lonely,
For the family of one that died.

I plea for help financially,
For the ones in dire need,
I ask guidance for those Lord,
That do not Your will heed.

I implore of You sweet Jesus,
To protect each little child,
Let the love they deserve,
Be given with a smile.

As I talk to You, Father,
I know You hear my call,
For the love of God,
Encompasses my all.

You take each request I give,
Acting to do what is best,
I give praise my precious King,
Through You each prayer is blessed.

Thank You Lord for being there,
When I come to You in prayer,
For listening to my daily pleas,
With a divine and loving care.

Gayle Davis©
29 May 2006

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Beautiful art created by Phillip Deck
Animation and tubes were added by
Tinas Heart 2U

Music: "Silence, Solitude and Prayer"

Written By: Ralph Merrifield
Midi Arrangement By: Michael L Jester
Provided by New Hope Music