~ An Hour With You~


One Of Godís Little Miracles, Ariana

Teddy Bear Angels flying around
Flying around never touching the ground
Sent down from heaven up above
To take care of our Ariana with love

Precious Ariana Renee a gift from God
Given to her Mommy and Daddy to love
Little as a button, fragile as a rose
Sweet, delicious as Grannyís apple pie

Tiny little fingers, tiny little toes
A cute little chin, with a tiny little nose
Silly little cry, like a little kitty cat
Or baby Angels crying in the sky

A smile like Teddy Bear Angels
With eyes twinkling like brilliant stars
A precious little miracle sent from God
For everyone on earth to love

@ Donna Kramer
July 6, 2006


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Music: "Lullaby"
Magical Musical Place For Children
The Duchess

Sequenced By: Grandpa (Frank) Schober     
Used With Permission