~ An Hour With You~

Love is powerful in one man's dream,
A loving touch sent with a rose,
A beautiful flower to speak love,
As day unfolds to evening's close.

Romance singled out with such feeling,
Sharing, giving, reminiscing,
As closeness is the power of love,
A piano whispers kissing.

Love in one man's dream is unending,
As dancing closer eyes embrace,
And love so powerful in two hearts,
Speaks music to each face to face.

Romance agelong continues to be,
A beautiful rose or flower,
A sweet touch of love is the music,
Two hearts touching are in power.

Love is powerful in one man's dream,
To keep close and ever belong,
And feel love’s spirit within to send,
A heart beating love a sweet song.

Romance is beautiful to flower,
A love in power will e’er bloom,
A sweet intimacy to e'er blush,
As stirring as a bride and groom.

©Sondra McPherson
28 June 2006

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Music: "One Man's Dream"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission


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