~ An Hour With You~

My Sweet Child

Sweet, sweet little child,
What could the matter be,
You stand there so silent,
Why won't you look at me?

You have been there for a while,
Close to the artificial flower urn,
Intently looking at your toy,
I call out, yet you don't even turn.

What is the matter little man,
Why is your heart so sad,
Have you done something wrong,
It can't be all that bad.

Look at me my angel,
Tell mama what's the cause,
That keeps you steadfast,
Next to my flower vase.

I see your lips quivering,
Sadness abounds in your eyes,
Come talk to me my son,
Oh little one, please don't cry.

I know now why you stood so still,
I see the reason you are sad.
You've broken mama's flower urn,
But that doesn't mean you are bad.

My precious one I love you,
Listen to what I have to say,
We all have accidents in life,
Even innocent children at play.

You know you've disobeyed me,
I think self punishment was rough,
Your heart broke a thousand times,
I think you have suffered enough.

Now let me have a big hug,
Stop those eyes from weeping,
I'll tell you something for sure,
You, my little man, I'm keeping.

Gayle Davisİ
09 June 2006



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Music: "Sweet Child"

The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shellyİ
Used With Permission

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