~ An Hour With You~

Hello my pretty little Maggie,
You are as busy as a bee,
Getting your little basket,
Totally ignoring me.

Basket in your grasping hands,
To the flower garden you go,
Gonna pick a special flower,
For whom I'd love to know.

What is taking you so very long,
To make your choice selection,
Are there too many to choose from,
I think you're in a state of captivation.

White flowers, red flowers,
Purple and violet flowers too,
Different kinds all around,
Pretty colors in every hue.

Giggles floating in the air,
As you become enthralled,
Touching blooms here and there,
You want to inspect them all.

God bless you little Maggie,
May God's touch enlighten you,
So one day in the near future,
You'll understand our love too.

Take Daddy your pretty flower,
It was hard to pick the right one,
He loves you so much little girl,
Daddy's heart you've already won.

Gayle Davis
29 August 2006

Dedicated to my precious
granddaughter Maggie,
She gets a big thrill from
the simplest things in life.

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Music: Baby Face"
Sequenced By Will Campbell
Original MIDI Sequences
By Will Campbell
Used With Permission

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