~ An Hour With You~

Today I stopped at what I was doing,
And you came into my mind,
And my thoughts went back to long ago,
And the memories we both combined.

Since meeting you my life has changed,
With sweet memories from the start,
And over the years when I think of you,
With the love that you placed in my heart.

My life would be so empty and lonely,
If I had never had you in it,
And today I sit and think of the past,
And in my heart I just have to admit.

You have placed footprints to stay,
For a lifetime and eternity,
And the way I love you; is so unique,
I am glad God sent you my way

You help me dry my tears I cry,
And you help ease my pain,
You have given so much of you,
Time and time again.

When I think of you and our friendship,
My eyes just fill up with tears,
To think how much you really cared,
And stayed with me through the years.

If ever crowns are given in heaven,
You will be the first in line.
To receive the crown thatís due you,
A crown of glory divine.

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Ann Hart Aka Coco Ann©
June 24th.2006




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