An Hour With You~*~My Father~*~

~ An Hour With You~


I just talked to my Father for you,
I told Him all about your struggles
You are going through. I prayed Lord,
Many of the children are hurting and sad
What would you have me to say today?

My child, I heard your prayer,
I'm going to the throne for my Children!

I'll bring all the hurt and struggles
To Him He is listening now to your plea.
My Father in heaven is passing your way,
Please reach out and touch Him today.

Tell them to lean upon Jesus and trust
and seek Me with all of their hearts!

My Father understands all of your pain
He understands you are weary and tired.
Stay close to His heart and rest in Him,
Rejoice, don't let your light grow dim.

Say, He is my refuge, He is my tower
I will hide in His sheltering arms...

I will follow in your footsteps Lord
I'll trust Your path and never be alone.
I will pray, more of You Lord, less of me.
And rest with You around your throne.

Sept. ©Bernice Ward 2006


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Music: "I Praise His Holy Name"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission
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