~ An Hour With You~

Ready to start my day,
With a cup of coffee in my hand.
I check the things on my to do list,
Since my day was already planned.

The laundry is in the washer,
And breakfast dishes in the sink.
I'll get to those things later,
To myself I think.

As my son heads off to school,
I wave and give him a smile.
As I pass by my computer I think,
I'll just sit here for awhile.

I relax and take a drink of coffee,
And I click the power on.
The next thing that I knew,
Half of my day was gone.

So many things to see and do,
And not enough time within my day.
When I get in front of my computer,
I can't seem to pull myself away.

Inside are pictures of people,
Who are very dear to me.
Just one click and magically,
They appear for me to see.

You can also go on E-Bay,
And buy assorted things for sale.
Right down to hearing from family and friends,
On something called E-Mail.

You can even chat with people,
Clear across the land.
And it gives me information,
On things I don't know or understand.

There also is a beautiful site,
That I'm quite addicted to.
This site you really should check it out,
It's called An Hour With You.

I check in every morning and night,
As well as all day through.
It's filled with words of grace and love,
And you may even shed a tear or two.

But there is something that I just don't get,
How my computer draws me in like a moth to a flame.
Almost as if someone was in there beaconing me,
And calling out my name.

I take a fast glance at the clock,
After all things are done and said.
Good grief for now it's time for me,
To go back to bed.

The laundry is still in the washer,
And the dishes still in the sink.
Oh my, how time does fly by,
To myself I think.

Oh no, my computer just crashed on me,
And I must use trouble shooter.
Oh well tomorrow's a brand new day,
But I must admit I do,
Love My Computer.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~10 ~2006Š

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Music: "California Dreaming"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission

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