~ An Hour With You~

You took my hand in love,
Together we pledged always,
To be bound by the vows,
Together before God we relay.

I look into eyes of love,
Seeing the depth of your care,
Know in my heart the promise,
We'll always and forever share.

A unique and devoted love,
Hearts entwined, tightly woven,
Secured in the greatest gift of all,
Words of commitment we’ve spoken.

Love binds hearts together,
Melding, becoming as one,
Blessed by the Father above,
We'll live in the shadow of the Son.

Reaching a pinnacle of love shared,
Putting God e'er first and above,
Where we walk He is with us,
A union imbued in God's love.

Love bound in Heaven's grace,
Will retain the deepest emotion,
Enduring through the walk of life,
We’ll grow in exalted devotion.

Gayle Davis©
23 June 2006

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Music: "Lost In Your Love"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission
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