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Lost And Found


The wind blew strong as the trees,
Seemed to touch the ground,
And the darkening skies,
Meant shelter must soon be found!

The ninety and nine in the Good Shepherd's fold,
Were cozy and warm and far removed from the cold!
But, out on the mountain was a little lost lamb,
Away from the fold of the Great I Am.

The lamb's beautiful wool was tattered and torn.
Its body was bleeding, weary, and worn.
Being so long away from the Good Shepherd's care,
Caused it to sink into utter despair!

On the rough mountainside the lamb spent many a night,
Longing to see the early morning light.
But, even the day now brought dangers unknown,
As the possibility of destruction had grown.

The lamb vaguely recalled how sweet life had been,
And it longed to return to the fold once again.
But, it was so weak it could scarcely raise its head.
"I must go to My lamb's rescue," the Good Shepherd said!

So, He carefully made sure that the ninety and nine,
Were well fed, secure, and everything was fine!
Then, He took some food and water along with Him,
And headed down the mountainside though the way was dim.

His "all seeing eye" searched the rugged landscape,
And when He found the lamb it was in a pitiful shape.
So, He gently cared for the little lost sheep!
Then, carrying it He headed up the mountain steep!

He held the lamb to His bosom,
As He shielded it from the cold,
And there was great rejoicing,
When they returned to the fold!

Robert F. Dotson 2006

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 Unknown Artist
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Music: "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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