~ An Hour With You~

Your giggles float into the air,
As your feet sink in the sand.
Walking barefoot along the beach,
With a lollipop in your hand.

You're as happy as you could be,
Your hair blowing in the wind.
Unconstrained and so carefree,
You look at me and grin.

Your mind filled with wonder,
And eagerly ready to explore.
You spot a tiny Hermit Crab,
That you simply can't ignore.

Fascinated you watch him,
And while over him you stand.
You poke him with your finger,
And he burrows into the sand.

As I sit back and I watch you,
So filled with love is my heart.
I think back of special moments,
That never will depart.

Like your face when you first ate carrots,
And our pillow fights.
You picking the neighbors flowers,
Holding them in your fist so tight.

Running through the sprinkler,
And rescuing baby birds.
And how excited I was the day,
When you uttered your first words.

So be it walking along the beach,
Or going to the zoo.
Everyday I thank God,
Lollipops And You.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
July ~26~ 2006©




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Music: "Slow Hand"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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